Yana Heinstein is without a doubt one of the most influential figures in our  scene. With over 15 active years, Yana crucially shaped the German breakbeats and drum & bass scene along with her brothers and their internationally acclaimed project Bassline Generation before moving on with her solo career as DJ, producer and label owner with her very own deep sound. As resident and promoter of countless events over the last years, Yana Heinstein represents one of the most experienced and versatile artists around, with profound crowd knowledge, flawless skills and an epic music catalog able to fill endless nights & dance floors with real deep electronic music.

Yana Heinstein started her carriere beginnig of the 90..s. After a classical music education in piano, bass-guitar, double-bass, lead-guitar and drums, and also in composition and arrangement, she got in contact with the Omen in Frankfurt/Main, the legendary Sven Väth club. Influenced by this deep pumpin’ psychedelic acid like techno, she decided to start with her brothers to set up their first studio.
After having spent some time in London together with people like Nils Hess (Get Fucked), Marco Lenzi, and Alex Silverfish, she got deeper into the UK sound.She and her brothers belong to those pioneers who established drum & bass in germany.
Not only has she produced for artists like Gayle San, Federico Molinari but also did she write music for several TV shows, commercials, and independent short movies.

Remixes for Jam and Spoon , Kool and the Gang, Nas, Big Punischer, KRS-One and many other international artists can be found in her discography.


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